Websites For Traders
Professional Unique Trader Sites From £350

  • Professional design unique to your business NO TEMPLATES.
  • Custom quote form based on your service to generate enquiries..
  • Portfolio showing off your previous work.
  • Optional Instagram integration add photos of jobs to your site while AT the job.
  • Fully responsive. Your site will look great on ANY device
  • Lightning fast page load speeds.
  • Easy to edit from your own admin area or we can perform edits for you
  • Fully search engine friendly
  • Continuous professional support
  • Regular updates to keep your site secure
  • Ability to add features and functionality as your site grows.
  • Extensive help section to teach you how to use your site.

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Trader Website Package

Using the popular software WordPress we will build you a lightning fast website promoting your service.

Your site will be fast and built uniquely for your business, not some template shoved up with your logo added like some of our competitors offer.

We will custom build your site including any logos, branding or photos you may already have, or we can create new images for you.

We will include all the following features:

  • A home page that is designed to generate enquiries for the services you want to promote.
  • A general contact page offering an easy to use email form and all your contact details and opening hours.
  • A custom quote form tailored to your business, just tell us what questions you want to ask and we will build the form.
  • A gallery page where you can show photos of your work. You can even take photos from your mobile, upload them to Instagram while on the job and they will appear on your website immediately.
  • An about us page where you can tell people all about your company.
  • A works portfolio where you can add details of jobs completed, what work was involved and photos.

Because WordPress is so flexible you can always add other functionality to suit your business at a later date. There are plugins available that can add things like:

Appointment calendars with or without online payment to book appointments.
Online invoicing so you can keep a database of your customers and send them invoices. They can even visit your site to pay the invoice by card.

There are literally tens of thousands of plugins that can add all sorts of functionality to your site.


Finally we get to costs. We have a VERY transparent pricing policy no hidden extras. Running a website is like running your business it costs money.

We know you have seen "Free Website Builders" and "Hosting accounts for £1" on the TV.  We also know that like us that you are too intelligent to fall for that. Really? How much effort will those companies put into your business for £1 a month? How much will they pay their staff to help you with your FREE account?

As agreed in our free quote.

Domain Name
The name of your site. These are rented from a domain registrar from £14.99 to £15.99 per year. You will own your domain name and have FULL control over it. If you already have a domain you will not need to pay this.

Web Hosting
We have super fast web hosting from £9.99 a month or FULLY MANAGED WordPress web hosting from £15.99 a month. Our managed hosting will save you HOURS running updates from WordPress.

Any work over and above your first design will be quoted on a job to job basis. Just to give you an idea we regularly send our clients invoices from £5 to £10 for work we do for them. We do not have one-hour minimum charges here, we charge only for the time we work not a penny more.

Get a FREE QUOTE for your site today.  There will be no pressure we do not sell here we solve!

If you accept our quote and would like us to build your stunning new site for you we will require 50% of the quote being paid in advance. The other 50% will be due when the work is complete.

We Care About Your Data

Privacy, DPA And GDPR

To contact our Data Protection Officer please put in a support ticket here. Be sure to select the data protection department on the form on the next page.

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