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Choosing the right plugin to expand your WordPress website is not as simple as it first sounds.

Not all plugins are made equal, some will slow down your website which is bad for business. Some plugins may clash with others meaning a particular function may break on your site.

No worries we have you covered!

WordPress Plugin Service ⇓

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As you already know 3001 web specialise in building WordPress websites so over the year we have become more than familiar with many WordPress plugins.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of plugins available to enhance your site. Some free, some premium, some good others not so good. We regularly guide our clients free of charge in what plugins to use to achieve functionality.

Do you go for a free plugin or a paid one? That really depends on how critical to your site the functionality is. We are here to advise you free of charge.

Discounts On Premium Plugins

In addition to advising you we can often offer HUGE discounts on the price you would pay yourself for a premium plugin. Because we build WordPress sites for a living we have special developer licenses for many of the well known WordPress plugins.

It may save you ££££'s if you just contact us before buying or installing any plugin. Our advice comes free of charge.

Plugin Installation

Obviously once you decide on which plugin you want we can install it for you at our usual site editing rates most plugin installations literally cost a few pounds including the config of the plugin after it is installed.

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