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Earn Residual Income From 3001 Web

Our affiliate programme is different from the programmes of other hosting companies.

We pay RESIDUAL commissions.

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Want to earn extra RESIDUAL income for your website? Then you are in the right place.

The 3001 web affiliate programme offers a recurring 10% commission on ALL referred sales. (except domain registrations)

Yes we know others offer a larger percentage but remember that is either a one off payment or for a fixed period. We pay commission not just one time but on a recurring basis for the lifetime of the referred client.

Let Us Explain

With most web hosting affiliate programmes, you will be paid a percentage of the first order that a referred client places and that is it. To earn more you have to refer more. Not at 3001 web, we continue paying commission on ANY service purchased from us.

How It Works

Like most affiliate systems we will provide you with your own affiliate link which will place a cookie on the users' computer when clicked. Our cookies do NOT expire after 30 days they will remain on the users' computer until they delete them.

Once the user has signed up they are allocated to your account permanently, therefore, cookies are no longer required. All goods and services they purchase (with exception of domain names) will pay you 10% commission. We do not pay commission on domains as we sell them at rock bottom prices merely as an extra service to our clients.


A client orders an e-commerce design package from us with our managed business web hosting package you would receive the following:

10% of Design Fee £59.99
10% of web hosting fee £1.59 (Every month for the life of the client)

But it does not stop there, we offer MANY services to our clients including website editing, upgrades, installs if your referred client orders any of these services you get 10% of that too.

Can you see the power in this? Refer 100 clients to us over time and on hosting alone you will be making £149 EVERY MONTH plus 10% of any edits, installs or future sites the clients have built, many of our clients have several sites with us.


Payments are made via Paypal on a monthly basis as long as your balance is over £20 usually paid around the 10th of each month.


Please note that we have a NO TOLERANCE spam policy. If you intend promoting our service by email it must be to your OWN double opt-in lists only. Please do not use our links in any “We will send your email to 1 million subscribers” spam services.

Sign Up

Click the button below to register the link will open in a new window so you do not lose this page. Once registered sign into your account and click the affiliates link in the top menu and activate your account as an affiliate.

If you are already a 3001 web client just log into your client area and click "affiliates" in the top navigation menu, click the signup button on the next page and you will be given your referral link.

You will then be provided with an affiliate link for general use and various banners.

We Care About Your Data

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To contact our Data Protection Officer please put in a support ticket here. Be sure to select the data protection department on the form on the next page.

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