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Tank Sherman

Best Professional Web Service Ever !!!!!!

My old website did me ok, but it just sat there, on the web, like a dead fly. People could see it, new it was there, but just ignored it. Then I contacted these guys.

I asked them what they could do for me and they were so candid, open, honest and professional. They said my website was a throwback to the days of flashing lights, annoying audio coming on, and so much useless information that people would spend around 8 to 10 seconds browsing it - before quickly leaving it!!
So I put my trust in them - and it has paid off BIG TIME!!!!!As a professional entertainer, filling my diary is so important to me, and my new website has helped do just that!!

With my on-line diary being visible to potential bookers, I am getting booked immediately, rather than people phoning me to see if I am 'free' on a certain date.

My new website paid for itself in just under 2 weeks!!! FANTASTIC.

It is so easy to self manage, I get sent instructional videos when I need them, their knowledge base of website design, maintenance and hosting is second to non and they are always there to give a hand if I need help.

The best service I have ever encountered.

I'm glad to be a customer of theirs because my diary is virtually full.

Thanks 3001web, you have done me proud.

Tank Sherman

Maxine Clarke

Steve Martin Entertainments and Clarkes Koi

This company have been doing our websites for both our business`s for quite a few years now. We are extremely pleased with them and would highly recommend them.

The speed, updates are second to none. The layouts and everything are amazing. It is the best thing we ever did letting this company do our websites the amount of business we have done from them has been phenomenal.

They are easy to contact if you have a query and are always there to help. We would highly recommend them.

Steve Martin Entertainments

John Verzi

Awesome Website Development and Hosting

I have had various websites built & hosted by 3001web over the past 6 years. My experience has always been a positive one working with this company.
3001 Web go out of their way to please and show a lot of pride intheir work. Updates and any request for changes to the site or add ons are always completed to my satisfaction and in a very swift fashion.

The sites themselves are always up and very fast, whether its on a desktop or mobile device. 3001 Web do what is best for the site, as opposed to just selling you on things that are not needed. Their rates are very reasonable and they always put a lot of extra effort and time into their work.

There are thousands of hosting and site building companies, but if you are looking for the personal touch, great advice and just a great company to work with, 3001web is the place for you. I love my websites, and even more than that, its been fun working together with Gary over the years, and we have shared many laughs. Do not hesitate to sign on with 300web.

Keep up the good work!!

dee godwin


3001 Web have been patiently helping me with my websites (yes, plural!) for too many years to count!

I can count on Gary for his expert advice along with his swift and dependable service. When I have a problem or question, he is quick to respond and always tries his very best to educate me and/or solve the problem.

He has always tried to get me the most "bang for my buck", and the most visibility and traffic possible. He builds a quality, professional web presence. In addition, my sites are up and operational...with virtually no server issues. Ever.

I am in the US...and Gary is my "web guy", as well as my trusted friend. He has been for at least 10 years. I have and will continue to recommend him whenever possible. And he will continue to be my "web guy" for as long as I require a web presence.

Woman Business

3001 Web Review

3001 web have looked after my site for many years now. They look after my hosting, with no issues, no downtime, and always email in advance about any work which is carried out at sensible times.
Gary also does work on my website as I'm not very tech, this is carried out professionally, to my liking, very quickly and the language used is so I can understand.
The website is also useful with its help pages and step by step pages, for example 'how to update your cubecart', this saved me alot of time as it was alot easier for to understand than even the cubecart site, as anyone can use it, not just cubecart enthusiasts.
I highly recommend Gary and his team.

Thanks for all your help over the years!! 🙂

Kathryn Coe Dizzy Beads

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