Custom Programming Service
For When You Need Something More

On a rare occasion you may want some functionality for your site that is not available as a plugin. Perhaps there IS a plugin but it does not do exactly what you want it to do.

In this case you will need the services of a programmer. We can provide you with access to a team of programmers who will be able to code exactly what you want.

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Business Services

There are times when you may want a feature or a plugin adding to your site to provide some kind of extra functionality. On rare occasions there may not be a plug in available that does exactly what you require and you may need some custom programming.

3001 web will help you customise your sites functionality. We have a team of fully qualified php programmers who can complete the changes you require.

How It Works

You submit a ticket to us from your 3001 web clients area tell us what you want doing.

We contact our programmers and get back to you with an approximate quote.

You give us the go ahead.

We will invoice you and when the invoice is paid we will have our programmers carry out the work.

For this kind of work you need to be VERY specific about your requirements. The programmers will quote you based on your EXACT job description. If you start adding further requirements once a job has started additional payment may be required.

Note: This service is billed for time not for a physical product and therefore can not be refunded. If we use a freelance programmer where possible we will hold the payment until the programmer has completed the work to ensure your satisfaction.

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