Free Site Transfer
Fed Up With The Speed Of Your Current Hosting?

One of the biggest things that stops website owners moving to a better host is the hassle of moving their site to a new server.

Perhaps you are not sure how or moving your site yourself makes you nervous.

We will take care of that for you FREE of charge.

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Free Site Transfer

One of the biggest things that prevents most webmasters from seeking a better web host is the thought of having to move their entire site to a new web server. Perhaps this worries you or you do not think you have the experience to move your site or you are worried something may go wrong during the transfer.


Choose 3001 web to host your site and we will transfer your site for you FREE OF CHARGE!

Our servers are lightning fast and maintained 24/7 by a team of dedicated server technicians.
How the service works.

You provide us with access to your current site, we will take a full backup of your entire site including any databases it may have. We will then create an exact copy of your site on our servers.

Once we have checked everything is ok we will assist you in re-pointing your domain from your current hosting to our servers. Finally, we will tell you when it is safe to cancel your current hosting account.

What you should check before ordering

Before ordering your package check that you have control over your domain name, in other words, that you are able to change where your domain points to this is called “changing the name servers”

If you registered your domain yourself with a domain registrar like 3001domains, or some other legitimate domain registrar this will not be an issue.

If you fell for a “Cheap hosting package” including a “free domain”, you should first contact your service provider and ask them if you are allowed to change the name servers or move the domain away. If they say no then you may want to consider getting a new domain and host.

Many less reputable companies register your domain in THEIR name then either refuse to let it go or charge some silly fee for releasing it. As a business owner, you should not be in that position, your domain name should be registered in YOUR name.

Things to note:

This service does not apply to sites currently hosted on a windows server ask your host if you are unsure.

The free site transfer service is only for sites that will be hosted on our servers. You will first need one of our excellent web hosting accounts. Once your account is open simply open a support ticket and ask us to transfer your site for you.

Once we receive the ticket we will contact you to arrange your site transfer.