What Is Managed WordPress Hosting And Do You Need It?

managed wordpress hosting

The term “Managed WordPress Hosting” has become a little bit of a buzz word recently and used by many web hosts to advertise their services.

It seems however that the definition of “Managed WordPress Hosting” varies MASSIVELY depending on the company trying to sell it.

A quick inspection of one of the webs biggest budget hosting providers “Managed WordPress” offering provides a great example of “jumping on the buzz word bandwagon”. They describe their feature list as “Incredible”

“Performance-enhancing caching”
This should be available with ANY good web hosting account for ANY content platform so not really any great advance.

“Automatic updates through WordPress’ built-in functionality”
As the title says this is included with WordPress as standard and is triggered automatically only for the WordPress core, not for plugins or themes, so not really an additional benefit.

“A plugin blacklist to make sure you don’t inadvertently install website-damaging plugins”
This is dubious at best. Plugins are designed by their creators to enhance not damage a WordPress site. Even the best plugins can sometimes clash. This sounds more like a limiting of choice based on what they think is a safe plugin.

Their “Incredible” package goes on to rant and rave about what are some fairly basic, standard web hosting functionalities from any decent host.

So What IS Managed WordPress Hosting?

To the serious providers of this service, it is what the phrase suggests. It is the TOTAL management of WordPress and its hosting environment taking away the need for the website owner to maintain WordPress. (not to be confused with content maintenance that is YOUR department)

Before signing up for any managed WordPress hosting account you should make sure that most of the services below are included.

A REAL managed WordPress hosting account will include:

  • Servers specially optimised to ensure fast page load speeds for WordPress.
  • Speed assessments performed on the site itself, not all WordPress sites are the same.
  • Speed improvements made at the site level as well as server level.
  • Core updates performed for you.
  • Plugin updates performed for you.
  • Theme updates performed for you.
  • The RIGHT set of plugins added to your site to correct formatting issues ensuring the best page load times.
  • A premium site-level caching system to compliment any server caching.
  • Some kind of automatic lossless image compression.
  • Regular backups of your site performed for you, ideally every day.
  • Free SSL provided for your site.
  • Expert WordPress help if an update goes wrong (Yes they do sometimes)

In short TOTAL management of your WordPress installation.

What Will The Cost Be?

This will vary between providers, however, be realistic in your expectations. The above maintenance takes time and staff resources to perform. The average “REAL” managed WordPress hosting account will cost at entry-level about $30 (£22)

That’s Expensive!

Is it? While this may be more than a cheap £5.99 hosting account offered by the big providers look at what you are getting.

The FASTEST possible page load speeds for your site, it has been well established that every 1-second delay in page loading time can cause a 7% reduction in sales. This can add up to hundreds if not thousands of pounds a year. Cheap hosting is not so cheap.

Daily backup of your site is worth its weight in gold. Imagine losing a weeks work because something went wrong and you do not have a backup.

Zero hours spent updating your site. With WordPress, the updates come thick and fast core updates, theme updates, plugin updates, if you are not on a managed hosting account you can find yourself updating your site at very least once a week. The time spent running updates soon adds up, this is time you can spend advertising your site and selling to your customers because you have experts taking care of updates for you.

Peace of mind. You do not have to worry about an update breaking your site, with a managed WordPress hosting account you will have experienced professionals on hand to fix any issues immediately.

So Do I Need It?

If you are running a personal blog or a family page then perhaps not. If however you are running any kind of business or trying to create income online then YES. A decent managed WordPress hosting account can take you to the next level and remove the need to worry about your site being up to date and secure.

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Gary McHugh