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Professional Website Backups
You can't have too many backups!

So you think your site is well backed up and safe? Are you sure? You really should read this, it could save you a lot of time and money.

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No matter which one of our cloud servers your site is hosted on we do, of course, take basic backups of your site for you. One daily backup stored on a remote server and an extra monthly disaster recovery backup stored in a different remote location. For this, we do not charge you.

Please remember these are disaster recovery backups and if they need to be used they will roll back EVERYTHING to the last good backup. This includes Email, Edits, Orders the whole shebang which brings us to...

Regularity Of Backups

Again we must stress that our free backups are daily and monthly backups, should something go wrong while we could recover your site you could lose a whole days work or orders. You know your business, would this create a lot of stress and extra work? Would losing orders or other data negatively affect your business and cost you time and money? Not to mention the embarrassment when you have to tell your clients you lost their order.

Backups Can Fail

While we take every precaution with our backups you have to remember like any automated system they can fail and you may not know that until you come to retrieve them. In short, the more backups you have in different locations the more reliable your backup solution becomes.

The Solution.

We provide an extra back up service which will take a full backup of your site and store it on our Google Drive server. Then every two hours an incremental backup will run to save any changes made to your site. This goes a long way to mitigate any data loss in the event of an issue with your site. We are sure you would rather just recover one or two hours work than a whole days worth.

Google would charge you £9 a month just for the drive space and this would not include the cost of the backup plugin or the configuration of all the settings.

Our pro backup service is just £5 per month per site with a one time £10 setup fee. Add this service to your hosting account you will essentially have three backups of your site. Note that the only email backup available is the one taken at the server level. See our page on hosting your email professionally to avoid risk of mail loss.

Want To Make Sure Your Backups Are Covered?

Great simply open a support ticket and ask us to put you on our pro backup plan. At this price, it really is a no brainer.

Privacy, DPA And GDPR

To contact our Data Protection Officer please put in a support ticket here. Be sure to select the data protection department after you log in.

We Care About Your Data

We are registered with the ICO
Registration number: ZA316914

Secure Site

ALL pages on 3001 web are encrypted to protect your privacy. Our site is secured by Let's Encrypt 256 bit encryption.

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