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Spam is not only annoying it can cost you serious amounts of time to deal with when you start adding up how long it takes you each day.

While spam is a fact of internet life we all need to be able to deal with it in as short a time as possible.

We have come up with an excellent spam solution that reduced our e-mail checking time from over an hour to a few minutes.

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Spam Policy

Obviously you already know that spam can be a pain in the neck when running an online business. We offer full solutions to help you minimise the impact of spam on your working day.

Website Email Forms

If 3001 web built your site for you then any email forms will be spam resistant. They will not show your email address in the source code and they will have captcha (human action validation) included to prevent automated spamming.

If we did not build your site but you are hosting with us we can update your contact forms to be spam resistant for as little as £10. Please put in a work request here for a quote.
Help Sorting Spam In Your Email Accounts

Notice the title of this section, we did not say help stopping spam. Spam is a fact of internet life no one will stop it, many large companies and internet service providers choose to try and filter email at server level in a vein attempt to stop spam.

The problem with this is they are using programs with a fixed set of rules, how can they make one set of rules that will serve very different people??? They can not, and they often get it horribly wrong, this results in legitimate business email being deleted because their programme doesn’t like the look of a particular message.

How happy would you be if your postman or mail guy decided for you that you may or may not want a real letter? Imagine him just throwing away a letter addressed to you because HE thinks you will not want to read it. This is what oversensitised hosts and ISP’s are doing right now. This is not good for your business.

3001 web does NOT filter email on its servers at all, we let YOU choose what you do and don’t want to receive.
The Problem Remains

As we have already said spam is not going anywhere. So what we need is a method to weed out all the rubbish and quickly. Well there IS a solution.

A gem of a program called mail washer pro.

We have tested many many anti spam programs and this is quite simply the best we have seen. We can not recommend this highly enough to any website owner or internet user.

This program saves us hundreds of hours a month just think what you could do with that time, service your clients, promote your site the list goes on.

Mail Washer Pro helps you quickly sort spam from regular mail while making sure you do not lose legitimate email.

Here’s how the program works:

This is not an email programme plugin it is a separate program. Mail washer pro checks all your email while it is still on the server, before you download it to your pc.

This has 2 main advantages:

  1. You do not download viruses in emails to your PC
  2. Spammers often verify email addresses exist by including an image in an email. When you open that email the spammers know that your email address called the image from their website and have confirmation your email address is real.
    Neither of those things occur when email is checked on the server before download.

When Mail Washer Pro checks your emails on the server it compares them to the spamcop and first alert spam databases. If it recognises the email is from a known spammer that email is checked as spam, checked to be deleted, and marked in red in the mail list.

So you simply click “Process mail” and the program begins by deleting all those emails from the server.

If there is an email that COULD be spam but mail washer is not sure it is marked as possible spam. You can then simply click a little button next to the email to tell the program the mail is good or bad.

You can also select to report the email to the spam databases. Obviously if they get repeated reports for the same server they will add that to the known spammer list.

If there is an email the program is not sure about it will be colored grey in the list. You can then right click the message and add it to your friends list or blacklist it.

This program learns as it goes and is VERY easy to use.

It also spots those fake Paypal, bank and Ebay emails (Phishing)

Here at 3001 web we get hundreds of spam emails a day, we used to spend an hour plus every morning sorting the mail. Now we have that down to about 3 minutes.

What you end up with is a list of safe wanted email you can download to your pc or log into your email account and see just the genuine emails.

Free Trial

The pro and pro trial versions support unlimited email accounts, so you if you have more than one site or a site with different email adresses it can monitor ALL your addresses at once.

We can not recommend this program enough. You have nothing to lose there is a free 30 day trial of the program so you can give it a try.

After the 30 days is over the program is just £29.95 per year. That's 8p a day to save you hours wading through nonsense emails.

In our opinion this program is WAY under priced, it has saved the 3001 web team literally thousands of wasted hours sorting out junk mail.

Get a 30 day free trial of mail washer by clicking the button below.


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