Professional Business Email
From Proton Mail

Our recommended professional email service for your site

Better delivery rates
Packed with features
Email hosted independently from your site
Increased redundancy
Industry leading email security
Massive amounts of storage

Business accounts as low as €6.49 per month


Note: If you decide to investigate Proton Mail make sure to click the "Business" tab when you arrive at their site.

Full Disclosure: 3001Web will receive a small commission if you sign up to Proton Mail via this page.

Why You Need Professional Email

As discussed in our knowledge base article regarding email, it is always a much better idea to host your business email on a professional email server separately from your site.

There are many advantages to this but here are the top three:

1. More Redundancy

Should our servers ever be down for maintenance your email would still be operational and not be affected. The opposite is also true, should a professional third-party email server be down for maintenance or have issues your site will still be available for your clients to reach out to you. This alone is an excellent reason to host your email separately.

2. Better Delivery & Security

Like most hosts we do offer free very basic email accounts with your web hosting, however, you must remember that your email is hosted on the same shared server as our other clients. If one website engages in spamming our mail server IP can be temporarily blacklisted by spam databases until we get it de-listed. This can adversely affect your email accounts too.

This does not happen with professional email as much stronger sender security is set up and overall deliverability rates are much higher.

3. More Features And Storage Space

Professional email accounts come with many more features to make managing email and communication with your clients and teams easier.

The thing to remember is that web hosting servers and emails servers are very different animals. Obviously hosting your email on a server that is configured specifically for email is always going to be a better choice.

Typically a pro email provider will offer you much more storage space than we can as email storage is much cheaper than web storage.

The only service we would recommend for your business email is Proton Mail. Proton Mail are considered by many to offer the most secure business email currently available.

We will not waste your time repeating all the awesome functionality they offer here, we will instead let you investigate their excellent service yourself.

We can tell you that all 3001Web email is hosted by Proton Mail 

Pricing & Ordering

You can check out Proton Mail Here, be sure to make sure you are on their business and not personal email page. We recommend the "Business" package which is just over €10 per month for up to 25 email addresses and up to 10 different domains.