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  • Are you looking to get more traffic to your website?
  • Do You Need More Leads?
  • Do you Need More sales?
  • Out Rank Your Competitors
  • Improve Your Organic Traffic
  • Backlink Building
  • Authority Building
  • Improved Presence
  • Reduced Ad Spend

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Are you looking to get more traffic to your website? More leads? More sales?

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to set roots that last and continue to provide results long after the work is done.

With SEO (Search Engine Optimization) your website becomes more easily discoverable via Google and other search engines. There is no better prospective client than one who is actively looking for your offer. The alternative is buying ads or doing social posts which is more of a "HEY YOU LOOK AT ME" approach, easily ignored. With SEO, people search for you and find you. What better lead is there?

Our Recommendation For SEO

As you probably know 3001Web do not offer SEO services, however, we can highly recommend the services of our SEO partners, Profit Parrot

Our partner, Profit Parrot has been offering professional SEO services for over a decade. They are also offering free, no-obligation consultations to 3001 Web clients.

You can book a call here

View testimonials here

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The next step in outranking your competitors and building some real visibility at the top of Google requires consistent backlink building, authority building, and offsite work that tells the search engines that your site isn't just an error-free site, it is a website with a growing digital presence and authority.

A 2 part strategy for SEO results:

a) On-site SEO
b) Off-site SEO - monthly

SEO Pricing

You can see the pricing table here

Other Helpful Information

Here are some helpful documents that further explain what to expect when working with Profit Parrot as they get your business to page one of Google:

How long does it take to get to page one?

How and why we choose your keywords

How we build your links for SEO success

Why it's important to build relevance and trust and how we get you there

Here are explanations of all the terms used in our pricing matrix

How SEO traffic works and why not all traffic is good traffic

Here are some example screenshots of an SEO dashboard with dummy data to give you an idea of what you will see when you log in:


To your success!

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